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April 2021
New Update - Are We There yet?

I hope you are all keeping as safe and sane as possible after the past 12 month of uncertainty.


As some will be aware, lots of venues, chambers and dungeons have not managed to make it through the past year and it has been very difficult for us to survive as well. However we are nearly there now. We are aren't we?


I have some exciting news regarding my own chambers. I am making some changes and additions. If you have been before you will know that my space is large and multipurpose, during the past few months we have reimagined the space and have made some changes.


I now have a full Domestic area where Auntie Cassandra is waiting to admonish Naughty Boys Bottoms! This area is for the traditional aspects of Corporal Punishment which are better suited to a living area rather than the dungeon. 


I am also changing my dressing room/wet room area so that I can now have a Clinic for Dr Raven!

All things medical and dental will occur here under bright white lights in a clinical environment.


We are now well under way with the changes to the Chambers and I am preparing myself for your visit.

In the next few weeks I hope to hear from you if you want to come and play.

Stay well whilst we get to the end of this long journey!

 February 2021
Hello Again.
Due to Covid19 everything is still on hold.
No sessioning at this time.
Hopefully we may get back to normal in the spring,
please do not stay away until the summer.
In the meantime check out all of my links please.