Mistress Raven Alter Egos

Do you like oneparticular fetish? Or do you like another? Or Many? My alter egos are varied and cater for a variety of kinks.

Doctor, Headmistress, Therapist, Auntie, Boss, Officer, Guard, which gets your heart pumping?


Auntie Cassandra. One of my favourite alternative characters.

The portrayal of The posh British Auntie.

Happy to wield out punishment to naughty girls and boys, young and old.​

Dressed in a tight silk blouse, formal skirt, stockings or tights with court shoes, the Auntie is here for you.

Are you in need of a strict spanking across your bare bottom?

Do you wish to be over My knee with your pants down and bottom in the air?

Do you need punishing for indiscretions at work or at home?  

I am adept at handing out punishments to correct your errant ways.

Auntie Cassandra will turn your bottom rosy red. You know you deserve all I give to you.

Doctor or Nurse Raven. Make an appointment with Nurse or Doctor Raven

Not everyone hates visiting the Doctor or the Nurse. I assure I will look after you....just follow me.


What is your problem, tell me now.

Anaesthesia play, Breathplay with Masks, Blood letting with Cannulas

Catheters, Speculums, CBT, Soundings, Electrics, Needles, Scrotal Infusions

For medical play I dress as appropriately, Doctor/Nurse/Scrubs uniform.

With stockings and heels for those tactile moments.

Do you need to bend whilst I take your temperature!


The Headmistress. Get In to my Office NOW YOUNG MAN!!

Welcome into my Office, what do we have here? Young Boy what have you been up to?


Lack of attention in class? Homework incomplete? Speaking in class?

Disruptive? Talking Back to your teacher? Smoking? Drinking Alcohol? 

Stealing from the teachers Private Stores?

Or is it that you are actually in awe of your Headmistress and you take every opportunity to come and see me? Wearing a formal blouse, black skirt, stockings and heels. You love to see me and getting in trouble is something you tolerate to be in my company.

I have my hand, slipper, paddle, strap, tawse, and cane ready for you boy!!

OFFICER RAVEN!! Welcome to the Raven Institution of Correction & Discipline

Dressed in my prison officers blue shirt and black skirt, Tawse, Strap or Cane in Hand.

Let me address my Clipboard to see what the Governor has prescribed as your Punishment.

Fighting on the Wing? Contraband in your cell? Escape? Not reporting back after leave?

Having presented yourself for discipline, you will be sent back to your cell in isolation.

Is that what you want? Discipline is my first, middle and last name!


The Wronged Wife, Sex Therapist, Executive Boss - Whatever you want, we can do!