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Mistress Raven UK Professional Dominatrix

I am a mature experienced Mistress with eccentric tastes. I will take you to over the edge and then all the way back again.


New to the exciting world of BDSM?

Taking your first steps into your journey?

Or a lifelong experienced player,

I will tailor our session to your needs and desires.


As the Fantasy Latex Mistress I have many interests. Take a look at the chambers and activities page for a taste of my likes.

This is just a guide of the areas we can explore,

it is by no means exhaustive. 

If there is something that you particularly want to try, then discuss it with  we can decide if it is appropriate.


As a creative Mistress with a great sense of humour, don’t be surprised when I laugh along with you in our session. 


Courteous dialogue is essential in ensuring that we prepare correctly for what we are about to embark upon.

Tell me your deep, dark secrets and fantasies,

and I will make your dreams/nightmares/both come true.


I can be hard yet sensitive and caring.

Why shouldn’t I be your dream Mistress?

Treat me like no other.

You WILL love it!

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