Bookings & Etiquette

Now you have made it this far, let's get down to it!


I predominantly work from my chambers in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK

From time to time I may travel around the country or abroad,

 If you are enquiring about a session with me then you need to complete this enquiry form below.

  • I have every right to choose who I session with, after all this can be an intimate experience.
  • If I feel uncomfortable with any aspect of your contact then it is at my discretion to cease contact with you.
  • The form is a guide for you to complete. Some areas are mandatory. Please fill in as much of the form in as much detail as you can. 
  • If you just put a one line enquiry, the chances of a reply are small, as you clearly do not care enough to tell me about you and what you want. Tell me how I can explore you!!
  • If you wish to include your age and where you are from that would be great.
  • A Booking Fee is required to finalise a session with me. Details of this will be forwarded to you when you are ready to finalise a session date and time.
  • Sessions are £150 per hour dependant on type of session, ie: medical consumables have a small additional cost
  • Do not waste my time or yours!!
  • I expect exceptional cleanliness from any new client, you are here to please me.
  • I do expect to have to tell you how to arrive Clean and prepared for the reason you are coming to see me. 
  • I do have shower facilities within my chambers for those coming at certain times of the day.
  • I expect Total discretion regarding your visit to see me. details you supply will be kept for simple purposes of recontacting you to finalise the session. You will receive thIS from me so I expect the same.
  • Arrive on time, Clean, looking for fun & most important enjoy it.