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Sessions, Etiquette & Contact

Congratulations, You have made it this far, let's get down to it!


I work from my Chambers in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK

From time to time I may travel around the country or abroad.

NOTE: I AM UK BASED ONLY. Any other sites or profiles proposing to be from the US or elsewhere  are fake profiles, As a warning, do not waste your money or send anything to them.

 If you are enquiring about a session with me then please complete the enquiry form on this page.


Contact & Etiquette
  • I have every right to choose who I session with - after all this can be an intimate experience.
  • If I feel uncomfortable with any aspect of your contact then it is at my discretion to cease contact with you.
  • The form is a guide for you to complete. Some areas are mandatory. Please fill in as much of the form in as much detail as you can. 
  • If you just put a one line enquiry, the chances of a reply are small.
  • If you wish to include your age and where you are from that would be great.
  • A Booking Fee is required to secure a session with me. Details of this will be forwarded to you when you are ready to finalise a session date and time.
Session Booking Price Guideline Rules
  • Sessions are £160 per hour (1 hour minimum)
  • Medical & Anaesthesia based sessions are £200 per hour.
  • A 50% non refundable booking fee is required at the time of booking. This can be done Via Bank Transfer, Pay Pal or other discrete methods. Email for these details.
  • I ask you to please Do not waste my time or your own!
  • I expect exceptional cleanliness from any new client, you are here to please me.
  • I do have shower facilities within my Chambers for those who require freshening up prior to being in My presence. 
  • I expect total discretion regarding your visit to see me. Your confidentiality is of paramount importance to me. I expect the same courtesy from you.
  • Arrive on time, clean, looking for fun and most importantly, enjoy it.  Mistress Raven!
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