Buying Clips Privately & Gifts

I have around 700 full video clips. 

There are around 400 available on my Clips for Sale site, However I have removed the rest due to site restrictions and compliance. Due to this I am also selling clips privately.

Clips4Sale Mistress Raven UK Dominatrix

Have you seen a video clip or clips that you want? 

But do not want to buy using Clips4Sale

Would like to buy privately through me?

Do not want C4S on your Credit Card Bill?

If so, I accept the following gift cards as means of payment.

Miller and Carter E-gift Card

Boux Avenue Lingerie E-gift Card

PlayfulPromises E-gift Card

Amazon E-gift Card

Playstation Store E-gift Card

UK Tights E-gift Card

Bondinage E-gift Card

All gift cards emailed to

This is a manual process so please be aware of that as I will need to send you the clips via a link.

MC GiftCard.png
PP GiftCard.png
PS Giftcard.png
BX GiftCard.png
AZ GiftCard.png
UKTights GiftCard.png
BG GiftCard.png

Current Clips4Sale Videos are priced individually. You may also buy them through me here.

All E-gift Cards must be made in UK Pounds £.

The sending of after ordering Clips is a manual process so please be patient after ordering.

Clips 001-300

20 Clips for £30

40 Clips for £50

Clips 301-600

20 Clips for £40

40 Clips for £75

Clips 601-800      As Priced on Clips4Sale


Work it out into UK Pounds

Send me an email with what you want to confirm a price for an E-Gift Card

Lists of Clips 001-300      301-600      601-800